Bring The World Together Through Mindful Charity… 


It’s our view that the world has been given to us as a gift.  Full of diverse cultures and interesting destinations…ours to enjoy, but also to preserve and care for.  We take seriously our role in this responsibility and in doing so, we have a four pillar approach to charity.  First, a  portion of every booking is donated to two charities that we feel make a significant impact.  Their stories are told below.  If you partner with us on a group trip, we will donate to your organizations charity as well.  Finally the fourth pillar of our Organizational Social Self involves providing accessibility to those who experience mobility challenges while traveling.  Please join us in working collectively to enjoy, preserve and care for this wonderful world we’re a part of.


1. We Care…about protecting the magnificent animals on Earth.  Saving the Survivors is a non-profit organization committed to medically assisting animals injured by poachers for generations to come.  The war on poaching is a race against time.  2012, 2013 and 2014 has been three of the worst years on record for rhinos. Poachers in South Africa killed 668, 1004 and 1215 respectively in these three years.  65,000 Black rhino existed in 1970, but today a mere 4000 roam the African bush.  The coveted ivory trophy, believed to have healing ability in Asia, drives this massive slaughter of a peaceful bush animal.

Wendy is passionate about preserving these awe inspiring animals in Africa.  She reminisces about the 1980’s abundant wildlife in South Africa.  Standing 20 from lions, watching a rhino stampede and crossing the Umfolozi River empowered her to embrace Saving the Survivors attempt to preserve the African wild.

We’re compelled to support the teams performing medical procedures in the isolated bush.  These hero’s need our awareness and support.

We care about our world.  We invite you to join our journey in understanding deeper meaning that drives volunteers dedicated to Saving the Survivors.  By booking your travel with Encore Travel, you are helping to save our magnificent animals for generations to come.



2. We Care…about the people and places that we visit.  Planeterra supports sustainable social and environmental solutions in destinations travellers love to visit.  Planeterra is a non-profit organization that helps empower local people to develop their communities, conserve their environment, and provide supportive solutions to local problems. They support a steady cycle of giving and investment, via their global network of travel industry partners, in the social and environmental needs of people and places in the destinations they serve worldwide.

Founded in 2003, by global travel company G Adventures’ founder, Bruce Poon Tip, Planeterra has a history of raising funds for the communities where G Adventures and its industry partners operate. Bruce believed that it was each person’s duty to show the ultimate respect and appreciation of these people and places by giving back.

Planeterra’s close partnership with G Adventures has given the team an insider’s understanding of the challenges facing these places; this unique perspective in turn guides them to design effective, long-term solutions that provide autonomy and lasting opportunity for local people while conserving local environments.

Planeterra reaches out to travelers, organizations and global citizens like you to make a donation and invest in specific, sustainable solutions to support the places you love.

They take a serious, holistic look at how to help these iconic destinations emerge from being exploited, to using the tools it takes to support happy communities living with proper healthcare, education, and protected environments. This means finding better jobs, sending their children to better schools, drinking cleaner water and caring for their environment.

Planeterra works side-by-side with community members to identify the social and environmental obstacles they are facing. Together, customized long-term solutions are created to get to the root of the problem and restore the community’s ability to make informed decisions for the benefit of their people and for the long-term health of their environment.



3. We Care…about education and supporting individuals who strive to contribute their passion to society.  Our commitment to the American Wine Society Scholarship Fund is an example of the educational entrepreneurial mission of Encore Travel.  We develop partnerships with organizations and contribute to their Social Priority a portion of every guest booking made with an Encore Travel group.  Your mission is our mission and by partnering with Encore Travel, together we can positively impact this issues that matter most.



4. We Care…about ensuring everyone has access to discover.  Special Needs Group is dedicated to fulfilling the special needs requirements for persons who want to travel but may need mobility aides, oxygen or other equipment. We make travel easy, comfortable and accessible.  Since it’s inception, Special Needs Group has served the needs of thousands of men, women and children. Their mission grew out of their own passion for travel coupled with a conviction that the fun and adventure of traveling the world should be available to everyone, despite physical challenges.

Special Needs Group provides a broad range of special needs equipment including wheelchair, power chair and scooter rentals, oxygen units and oxygen rentals, audio and visual aide rentals, baby crib rentals and other essential items. For their customers’ convenience, rental equipment is delivered directly to the cruise state room, the hotel, resort, theme park or convention center.